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Why Buy A Tomberlin Golf Cart?

3 Reasons To Buy A Tomberlin

While most of the other brand name golf cart manufactures only make carts for golf courses "Tomberlin Goes Farther" by design as well as additionally purpose-building their carts for road use. From receptive driving design, being street-legal, and Low-Speed Truck (LSV) needs. Tomberlin incorporates safety, efficiency, and you can utilize their LSVs to play golf, yet it's a whole lot more than that. Tomberlin is a genuine PTV created for master-planned locations, communities, along with short-distance travelling with unrivaled qualities that provide an unique taking a trip experience.


Tomberlin is dedicated to giving leading safety features with a core suggestion that safety drives high quality, sincerity, carrier demands, styles, and accident prevention.

All 2019 LE as well as likewise SS styles include these conventional safety characteristics, along with far more:

LSV Compliant

  • 3-Point Safety Belt for All Passengers

  • 4-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes

  • Smart Park Electric Hand Brake

  • Steel Belted Radial Tires

  • Low And High Beam LED Headlights

  • Personal, Unique Secret Establish

  • Frame-mounted Tubular Steel Cover Sustains


Tomberlin LSVs drive with the intent that the cart needs to provide a vehicle driver experience that makes a statement along with bringing value. Dukes Outdoor knows that think our items have to be feature crafted for a specific use, finest completed with valuable experience with enthusiastic companions along with customers. All 2019 LE as well as additionally SS Versions consist of these usual Efficiency features, in addition to far more:

  • Market First Electric Power Guiding

  • 5kw, 17hp A/C Drive Regenerative Braking Electric Motor

  • 450a Sevcon Air Conditioning Controller

  • 1050-watt On-Board Smart Battery Charger

  • 48v Power System w (8) 6v Batteries


Creating is often the leading element in structure brand name recommendation as well as manufacture difference. Tomberlin's cart making is distinct, well-known, as well as substantially vital to all target customers. The Tomberlin design reveals a deliberate intent to differ. All 2019 LE & SS Versions presently consist of these standard Creating functions, as well as additionally far more:

  • Steel Belted Radial Tires along with Personalized Light weight aluminum Tires

  • Personalized Upholstered Seats

  • Automotive Painted Body with a Color Matched Cover

  • Exclusive Emerge Body Designing

  • Optional Matching Back Coming Across Layer Down Seats

So did we convince you? Be sure to leave a comment below with questions or what you love most about the Tomberlin design if you have one, or want one in the future. Though the design is very creative, it is simplistic enough in driving any newcomer could use.

Take advantage of the different deals and discounts we have with our Tomberlin by getting in touch with us today! Dukes Outdoor is located at 614 s market st. Lancaster, SC and we are one of the few Tomberlin Dealers in South Carolina. Come by our shop and we can find the perfect Mower to fit all your needs.

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